erp-work-flowOne of the main reasons people use ERP systems in their companies is to save the amount of time they spend on their work, and in the process, speed up all their processes. One of today’s popular ERP systems is the Sage ERP X3 which omes with many time-saving and useful features like workflow notifications.

Define Sage ERP X3 workflow notifications

If you wonder what a Sage ERP X3 workflow notification is, they are emails that are generated based on triggers that have been previously set in the X3 system. The benefit of using these notifications is that the associated employee is informed about the event, who upon receiving the notification will be able to accordingly and quickly take action.

A typical example of a workflow notification is generating an email when a customer’s credit limit is changed by a user. Once complete, the notification is then sent to the Accounting Manager.

Here are a few tips a Sage ERP X3 consultant had compiled to explain the meaning of the above mentioned example, and how it actually works.

  • A typical workflow notification has a box located on the upper right side of the screen. This is where you can choose if you want the trigger or the notification to be sent on the Creation, Modification or Deletion of the object or event of discussion.
  • It is possible to send the notification to not only one person, but two recipients.
  • The workflow notification has a message subject and body area where it is possible to include table fields. It is this feature that lets you customize the email you plan to send to the recipients.
  • The above description describes a simple workflow notification. If required, you can also use the Workflow Events function for the more complicated workflow processes in your company. The benefit of this Workflow Events function is that it boasts of an extensive functionality which includes additional processes. An example of such a process is where a signature approval is needed to send the notification.

If you wonder why you should work with a Sage ERP X3 consultant, it is because technology is not always the main thing that differentiates between one business solution to another. Many a time, it is the partner you choose while you make the journey, who is usually someone you trust and will be able to depend on to reach your goals, which makes the difference!

If you are interested about, and want to learn more about setting up advanced workflow processes, we will be more than happy to help you out. All you have to do is contact us, and we will have someone from our team of Sage ERP X3 professional consultants teach you how to do so. If required, you can also head to our resource centers to learn more about the different tips, tricks and product information available about Sage ERP X3 system.

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Written by Ray Amoah – Sage X3 ERP Partner


7 Major Differences Between Uni and Apprenticeships

The traditional mindset when it comes to education is that you go to school, get into sixth form, and then head off to university; however the pressure of exams, tests and high grades doesn’t sound particularly fun.  So, if you’re unsure of what you want to do, or just want to know the differences in what university can offer you VS what an apprenticeship can offer you, then hopefully this will help…

  1. At Uni you have thousands of courses to choose from, so if you’re not sure what you want to do yet but you have interests, a degree will give you more specific career options, like law or psychology.
  1. Although, as time goes on, less and less employers are looking at qualifications and are focusing heavily on career experience (depending on your career choice).
  2. In an apprenticeship, you’ll be gaining great on-the-job experience and earning money as you study, you’ll also gain many skills and transferable work experience that will benefit you in the progression of your career and future opportunities.
  1. Uni leaves you with years of debt, but a huge variety of knowledge that can be applied to the specific career path you’ve chosen, which is great if you know exactly what you want to do.
  2. But even if you love your career choice, when you finish Uni, you really only have graduate options anyway, because of the lack of career experience while you were studying.
  3. The whole sector of apprenticeships is growing, so options for apprenticeships are also growing, you can get hands-on experience in practical fields such as mechanics, plumbing etc… The variety of apprenticeships are growing and giving you even more career options to pursue.
  4. In an apprenticeship, you can also still do a university degree! Some companies will offer it to you as part of your apprenticeship so you could still get your degree AND learn on-the-job!


Hopefully this will have given you a better insight to what university can offer and what apprenticeships can offer! Either way, both are great; it just depends on the type of person you are.

The Sacking Of Jose Mourinho

Let me start with a quote by Otto Von Bismarck  “Only a fool learns from his own mistakes. The wise man learns from the mistakes of others.”

Whether you are into football or not it’s most likely you will know Jose Mourinho or at least Manchester United football club.

Man united has been the most dominant club in England for many years, winning countless trophies and attracting the biggest names all across the world, they are one of the biggest clubs in the world. That was off course under their legendary manager Sir Alex Ferguson, but since he retired in 2013, things have not been great.  They  tried to replicate his success with 2 managers who failed and were sacked…

In May 2016, they hired the ‘special one’ Jose Mourinho, a serial winner , competitor, great CV, great references, tactician, fantastic track record BUT not a culture fit. I won’t get into much detail into why he was not a culture fit however  If you want to explore more on culture, I would recommend looking at Damian Hughes and his book ‘The Barcelona Way’.

In December 2018, they sacked him…

The problem is, we all knew he was not culture fit, but he was a winner and man united were desperate to win again. We all been there right, where we have chosen to deal with a difficult person because what they are bringing to the table is so valuable to us…or worse we don’t know they are difficult person until conflict/ pressure arises and we see their reaction and we think “who is this person?”….

This is not an isolated case, I see this all the time, companies will hire people just because of their skills and few months later fire them because of their behaviour or not being culture fit. The question is, why did you not know that the employee was not a culture fit? …or did you? ..some will say “yes we did”…and I would ask “how”…..and they respond …”erm they interviewed brilliantly” ….Well brilliant interview is no indication of culture fit…in this Information Age, a few minutes on google will make anyone sound like a star during interview.

According to sources, Manchester United had to pay over £20M to part ways with Mourinho, but they have lost more than that, they have lost their chance to win the title this year so “the greatest club in the world” is hoping for top 4 spot.

This is the crazy part…

After sacking him, they replaced him with an interim manager, an ex player who is skilled, but Does NOT have any Major trophies under his belt however he is Culture Fit (again I will not get into details of why ) but since his appointment, he has won 10 games in a row, breaking records, star players are performing, fans are happy etc etc. My point is this, it’s better to hire someone who hasn’t got the accolades but has potential, will learn and they are a culture fit rather than all the accolades but not a culture fit…because they will cause problems, then leave…and from my experience, many companies only use their ‘gut’ to test culture which as you can see from the ‘biggest club’ in the world , proved to be a costly headache.

If you would like to hire with confidence and be certain that your candidates  are the right culture fit and  they will stay

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Which Judge Would You Choose?

Imagine going to a court of law where you were hoping to get justice , you are sure things will be ruled to your favour. When you arrive you find out that the judge has a decent track record, he gets things right 80% of the time….doesn’t sound too bad…BUT what if that 20% gap means you not getting justice regardless of the evidence?…80% accurate sounds great but is it? Let me put it this way, that 20% could mean a criminal walking free, or it could mean you going to prison for something you never did? Or maybe losing an asset?…Are you still happy with 20% accuracy?

After looking into it, you find out that the judge just listens to cases and follows his gut feeling to make a decision….and when you question this you are told, “Please don’t complain, this judge has a track record of 80% accuracy !”. Personally I cannot risk that, I mean I would feel uncomfortable even if he had 99% accuracy, 1% chance of things going against me is still not good enough, I value justice, I value my life, I value whatever is in stake IF this goes against me.

So let’s imagine you decide you are not happy with this and you want a different judge….

So you are told about this judge who has a process of decision making, wow sounds promising already!….you can’t contain your question so you ask…”is your track record a 100%?”…..the judge says… Well…let me tell how we do it…so the judge walks you through the process. The judge let’s you know that everyone is listened to, there is a thorough process that involves different stages of questioning, assessments etc.  You say “wow thats sounds good BUT is it 100%?”… The judge answers “well…so far its 95% however we have a contingency plan for the 5% errors that could occur”. So you ask…, “ so basically if you get it wrong, you have a plan to make it right?” …Yes the judge answers…..”YES”

So I am asking you, which judge would you choose?

If you would like hire with confidence … be certain that NOT only your candidates CAN do the job, but they also WILL do the job…they are a cultural fit and  they will stay….

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