The Brand Called you

We have heard many people say social media is a very powerful tool and I want to jump on this bandwagon and share the experience that I’ve found as a recruiter and predict that it will only become more important as the years go on!

This may not be the first time you have heard this but I cannot stress enough that nowadays recruitment goes far beyond a CV. You are representing “brand you” on every social platform you are on. There are a variety of ways companies will gain a snapshot of who you are and whether you will be right for them.

 Suddenly feel like you’re in a goldfish bowl? I know the feeling!

The age of being solely reliant on a CV is very much coming to an end and It’s not just recruiters who will look at a candidate’s social media pages even hiring managers!

I can give you examples of this –  one of my clients in particular doesn’t just use a CV as a way of deciding to interview or not, in fact by rule of thumb they will almost always check out their LinkedIn page and often even decide not to interview based on that alone!

This may be more severe in cases where you work for a charity or company who is openly committed to a cause. Hiring managers really care about who they are investing their time and money into and want to ensure that who you are outside of the office is consistent and true to who you represent in an interview or on a CV.

 So how can you improve brand you and make your social sites work for you?

  • Have a goal in mind, be actively thinking of why you are on a certain site and what you want to gain from it.
  • Be wise with your time and intentional with what social media platform you use and tailor it to the industry you are in.
  • Join relevant groups and share and discuss things that are associated to your work.
  • Twitter is a great way to network professionally but using an informal platform!

Things to be mindful off:

  • Types of pictures you have displayed – keep things consistent and ensure content and images are representing you well!
  • What you are saying about your current company – if you are speaking negatively about your bosses on your pages you will be leaving that job you hate a lot faster than you could have imagined. It also doesn’t represent you very well to future bosses!
  • Keep it PRIVATE – If you really don’t want your social pages to affect your brand it’s probably best to keep your accounts private.
  • I love the phrase ‘if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say it’ – people invest in people! Most hiring managers want to work with people who are kind, professional and easy to work with, you don’t want people to assume that you will be hard work and a handful to deal with!

By Natasha Kimani

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