Programming is a remunerative field as it produces impressive returns when performed correctly and passionately. Thanks to 21st-century technological developments, the industry has now reached greater heights and has introduced various trends in programming through increased customization, enhanced usability, and efficiency.

Programmers should always keep abreast with the latest developments in the technology world to meet programming’s dynamic needs. Here is a look at the present 10 hot programming trend in the market:

  1. PHP 7.0

PHP 7.0 boasts of improved performance and memory usage with faster implementation of codes. It is much better, quicker and more efficient than the previous PHP versions used for developing simple projects using a few dynamic web pages. PHP 7.0 makes web application development so much easier as fewer servers are used by programmers to serve the same users.

  1. Single-page web apps

With single-page web apps available, web designers no longer have to spend long hours creating site maps for easily navigable websites. These single-page apps can easily retrieve relevant information for a specific database and place it on the local mold when required. These web apps with relevant content, and not websites, are now the front end to large databases.

  1. js

The toy language that was first used for alert boxes have now been replaced with faster running codes which let programmers move around features and copy functionalities. This is attributed by Node.js developed with the JavaScript Callback model. This new trend is a popular resource for developers as modules can be coded in it, and it has fast web solutions that track and analyse user interactions.

  1. Game frameworks

Crafting games was once time-consuming and an uphill task as developers had to start developing games from scratch using C. Things have changed for the better in the recent past as developers can use libraries like Corona, Unity and LibGDX and build systems just by writing instructions. This gives game developers more time to concentrate on other aspects like game play, characters and art to produce even more interesting games.

  1. Web interfaces

Web interfaces have grown in popularity as developers can edit code. For instance, you can use WordPress built-in editor to change its code in real-time if you are unhappy with some of its functions. This has brought about a huge change from the initial Integrated Development Environment (IDEs) that were used to the present efficient and powerful browser-based tools.

  1. Preprocessors

Programmers now don’t create new programming languages but instead have developed a trend of writing Preprocessors to replace full language stacks. Preprocessors translate code into something old using a set of APIs and libraries.

It also lets some scripting languages like Python and JavaScript that only handles small projects to handle large and difficult projects. Examples are CoffeeScript created for JavaScript to code without wrong punctuation, and Groovy, Java’s simple version.

  1. JavaScript MV*Frameworks

Frameworks like Kendo, Ember and Sencha make it so much easier to create and handle events and content of different web pages and applications. It lets you identify and use a framework to write glue codes for implementing on your business logic instead of using JavaScript files.

  1. Real time solution provider

The ability of developing and maintaining budding customer relations is the latest trend in commerce and industry. This has lead to the development of real time mobile and web software applications for business owners to use to efficiently connect with their suppliers, employees and customers.

Programmers are now developing applications taking advantage of real time information and analytics that has revolutionalized the commercial industry with its convenience. Other sectors like the education industry too benefit with this trend with the development of mobile apps that act as online portals for universities and colleges.

  1. Back end as Service (BaaS)

Programmers use a trend for developing fully self-managed applications consisting of cloud storage, user administrations with other relevant third party services, push notifications and use BaaS of the effective management of their key operations and to deal with their clients’ specific requirements.

  1. CSS Frameworks

Instead of using generic CSS, the latest programming trend involves using CSS frameworks like SASS and Compass to create opportunities for designers to create stable coding. This is made possible through several programming constructs like nesting blocks, mix-ins and real variable that help easily create design layers. Programmers also no longer need to open CSS files and type in new commands to add things to web pages.

In a nutshell, programming world trends are constantly changing based on the demands of different industries. So whatever is new today may seem outdated in a matter of a few weeks’ or even days’ time. This is why it’s important that programmers keep well versed with the latest technological trends to be able to produce the best products and services for their clients.

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