Recruiter’s It’s Time To Admit …….There Are No Hidden Candidates

Some people may not want to admit this, but I’ll say it anyhow. There are no hidden candidates! With the advanced Technology, you can find anyone, anywhere [if you have the skill & time].

This is bad news for recruiters who use these lines as their USP [size of their database, Quality of CRM, Industry knowledge, ability to build relationships etc.] all these are important, however what’s more important is the process.

It’s never been easier for employees to find new jobs or worse take a new job for a few months and if it “doesn’t work out” then move on.

It is a candidate driven market and I know many companies are desperate for quality employees. As a founder, I am doing all I can to hold on to mine as they are daily inundated with offers.

If you are desperate to make friends, the wrong thing to do is organise a party and advertise it on Facebook, that’s not the kind of attention you want, its short lived and they will soon leave and only you will be left to clean up the mess.

My point is, in this candidate driven market, we need to be in control, we need to make the process thorough [Not easy, Not difficult but thorough].  Process pays, on my next  article,  I’ll explain why and give 2 recent examples of real results of process vs no clear process.

By Mathew Kimani- C2B Recruitment Business Partner

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