The Problems

ERP companies and Digital agencies are growing, the sector is growing and it’s a very fast paced / competitive industry. You will always be competing for the best people in the market. Which means You Will Need to Have a Solution to deal with one or, all of these inevitable challenges you will face:

Retaining and attracting high-class ERP & Digital Developers I Consultants I Analysts I Salesforce.

Lack of this results in:

  •  Poor team consistency. 
  • High staff turnover.
  • High cost and extended time recruiting.
  • Low morale and productivity.

Finding skilled professionals within the ERP and Digital space that are not actively looking or active on any job boards.

Lack of this results in:

  • Settling with average performing candidates.
  •  Noncompetitive service/product offering.
  • Unproductive & Inefficient Processes.

Positioning your business as an “employer of choice” within the ERP Software / Digital market.

Lack of this results in:

  • Loss of top professionals to  competitors.
  • Overspending on recruitment & advertisements with minimal yield.
  •  Overspending on recruiters using the same job boards.

Eliminating the risk of bad hiring decision which can be costly within the ERP / Digital market.

Lack of this results in:

  • Dismissal or spending money re-training under performing staff.
  • Cost of time and money having to re-recruit.
  • Less time core duties resulting in unnecessary stress/pressure.

C2B Wise Hire

C2B Solutions help ERP and Digital Companies with the challenge of attracting and retaining highly ­skilled and market-proven professionals across web development, consultants, analysts and IT Sales. With the help of ERP and Digital experts we have developed an automated digital talent inbound generation system, designed specifically to limit the CVs you see, to only generate the top 20% of candidates for your role.

This Automated system is designed to generate Inbound Talent whilst simultaneously rejecting the bottom 80% of candidates – which significantly reduces and mitigates all the risks listed above and many more.

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Clear Step-by-Step Systematic Process:

A very clear process engine you get to see that you will be an integral part of.

Reduce Your Recruitment/Agencies Costs.

Further to increasing the quality of the candidates you interview to just the top 20% and substantially reducing your recruitment process and time, we also lower your total overall costs as such the hiring mangers/teams can focus on activities that brings true value. Our system also has a great impact on employee referrals and lowers unnecessary staff turnover.

Selected Clients

An integral part of our system is the strong and respectable engagement of our professional network, thus we only work with clients that respects and highly values their workforce. So is not for every employer. Signature Recruitment System is only for those clients who are serious about hiring the top 20% of ERP and Digital Professionals, which by definition cannot be everyone.
We value our time with only those clients who really want the highest quality candidates, with a de-risked process and lower total overall costs. If this sounds like you, schedule a call now, by clicking the book a call button.