The world of tech is accelerating so fast, its difficult foretelling what tech’s future will be. However there are a few predictions of what the future holds for  programming made based on today’s tech evolution.

  1. Smartphones will be used for everything but for making phone calls

People use smartphones more for sending text messages, reading email, visiting websites and lots more but not much for talking! Smartphones have all sorts of apps used for navigation and exercising and features like an accelerometer to track your exercise and a microphone to pick up your heartbeat. Pretty soon the Smartphone will have so many features that they most probably won’t be used for making phone calls.

  1. REST will reign over IoT

REST is, and will most likely maintain it’s dominance as programmers love its simplicity. It’s easy to understand and debug, and having data in text form makes it so much easier to find out what’s happening.

  1. Domination of bigger and better databases

With databases indexing the world because of next-generation location-aware apps and autonomous cars, databases will be bigger, with so much more information.  Autonomous cars will need to know the position of lampposts, potholes and even fire hydrants, and the police will have so much information about people walking on the streets.

  1. Return of binary protocols

While passing JSON packets and REST protocols is simple, programmers wonder why binary data has to be converted into a string as the other side will eventually parse the string and turn it to bytes.

So they suggest shipping bytes directly using binary protocols. While building more binary protocols will be difficult, with the IoT generating more data than ever and devices using small packets with tighter encoding, programmers will start looking for better ways to add binary efficiency to their packets.

  1. Domination of JavaScript with no one writing it

Programmers no longer will write JavaScript as transcoding robots will. Whatever dialect the code is written in, like CoffeeScript, will be turned into something the browser or Node.js understands by transcoding robots.

Programmers have written transcoders for even languages like Java and C. So there is no need of writing in JavaScript when a robot software concierge will be around to translate your favourite language!

  1. More intolerable bosses

With your boss learning to write software after one Hour of Code session, they will want to ‘help’. They will give suggestions like using variable and loops, where you can do nothing but just smile and thank them for their suggestions.

  1. HTML star will be killed by video

While the web was once used for surfing and clicking through links and hyperlinks, people now binge watch episodes and movies for hours or days. The internet is morphing into television where couch potatoes just absorb moving images with a few clicks and practically no steering. However the next generation video apps may improve existing tools where perhaps video clips will be merged with HTM with the death of Flash and growth of HTML5.

  1. Only few programmers will write ‘real code’

The many education projects will continue to teach everyone how to write software for years to come. Real programmers just have to smile and encourage them as while it’s easy writing a line of code, it’s not easy building an entire system with thousands of lines of codes. Only a few real programmers will pick up a language and soar to great heights, while others will end up pulling their hair and silently screaming!

  1. PHP will fight Node.js

While it looked like PHP would fade away with Node.js and JavaScript dominating the server farm, PHP is still giving a fight. Its newest versions like PHP 7 are dramatically faster, making codebases like WordPress and Drupal run 50-100% faster. Though this may not change the JavaScript advantages in projects, it does remove the biggest reason for abandoning old codes written in PHP for Node.js to give old platforms a new spring of life.

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Written By Mathew K – Co-Founder & Talent Acquisition – PHP Web Developers – |  Digital & Tech companies – https://www.linkedin.com/in/mathew-kimani-52a3aa25/