Symphony2 is a popular open source PHP framework used for enterprise application development for its various features. It’s huge documentation and libraries provide the best standardized set of tools for fulfilling the needs of the enterprise domain. These 8 reasons prove why you should use this framework for enterprise application development.

  1. Flexibility

Symphony2 uses MVC components to separate logic from its user interface and produce the desired changes. It’s easy-to-use to create durable web applications and makes testing so much easier and faster.

  1. Scalability

As Symfony2 easily supports any increase in the number of enterprise users, it’s possible to start a business with 100 users and expand it to handle even hundred thousand users. This is attributed to Symfony2’s built-in templates and configuration files with caching components for handling cache control. Moreover Symfony2 uses PHP namespaces and efficiently handles role-based ACLs and dependency to accommodate your growing needs.

  1. Novel features

Symfony2 not only boasts of various ingenious features which help developers build adaptable enterprise applications but also provides optimal performance parameters and reusable components.

Examples of innovative developer features include Java derived dependency injection and web debug toolbar. Snippet, Limetracker, Yahoo bookmark and Askeet are some of the famous websites built using Symfony2.

  1. Standardized Design

Symfony2 uses specifically designed and powerful parts to help developers build sustainable applications and pull apart or replace unwanted pieces as per the requirements. This is attributed to Symfony2’s standardized design that helps create custom enterprise applications.

  1. Maintenance

Symfony2’s low maintenance cost leads to lower performance overheads. It has various tools that developers can use to test, debug and document their developmental process to cater to an enterprise’s unique requirements. Moreover, its spectacular framework gives developers full control over its configuration and helps them build various powerful and customized enterprise applications.

  1. Smooth exchange of information

Symphony2 prompts the smooth exchange of information between different systems to meet an enterprise’s various needs. It permits the use of software building blocks like dependency injector, translation and form management and use of parts without entirely using the framework. It also uses external software building blocks like Swiftmailer and interoperable features.

  1. Developer favourable

Symfony2 gives developers full control while building and developing strong enterprise applications. They have full control over foreign libraries and the directory structure which reduces the development time while automating common tasks. This lets developers concentrate on other important web application features.

  1. Support & records

Symfony2 comes with detailed and easy-to-understand documents where developers can refer to for help. The dedicated active community backing Symfony2 also helps developers easily create enterprise applications.

In a nutshell, Symfony2 is a well-structured framework with detailed records and useful plug-ins to use for building optimal robust enterprise applications. It helps produce easily customized options to meet any enterprise’s specific requirements and help you improve your ROI and bottom-line.

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