4 Tips to help you manage  Career Advice Overload!

No matter who you are, what industry you work in or how long you’ve been working for, we can almost guarantee that you already have a minimum of five career advisers who often come in the form of Parents, friends , other colleagues and even the guy who does your MOT. One thing we know is that there is so much noise when it comes to career advice and the hardest thing to do, is actually decide which advice is for you and which advice is not!

1.) There Is No Set Formula To Career Advice!

There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to career journeys, a lot of advice can trick us into thinking that careers come relatively prepackaged especially within technical industries! There is no one size fits all career strategy so it is important to plan your career but remain flexible and understand that some advice is undoubtedly very good but may be a wrong fit for your industry sector. Careers like many journeys  have twists and turns and unexpected bumps along the way, so allow for changes and keep your end goal in mind. 

2.) It’s All About Timing 

A lot of good advice can simply just be given at the wrong time! It is important to know what advice is appropriate for you at the present stage of your career and what advice is for further down the line! Some career decisions will have instant benefits, others when your career has matured. It is important to decipher when to act upon advice for your desired career objective with your career timeline! 

“A lot of good advice can simply just be given at the wrong time!”

3.)  The Intern VS The Veteran 

A lot of people give advice from their own experiences and by looking back at their own journey can compare it to where you are now. In today’s work environment, industry practices can change very rapidly, meaning you have to keep up to date with real time information on your chosen field. Parents or family members are notorious career advisers but often tend not understand the dynamic of a modern work environment. Someone who has been working for 30 years can give valuable insight however it is important not to overlook someone who has recently joined your industry because they are likely to have been exposed to current information, trends, practices and technologies.

“Beware of people who have the Perfect career…there is no such thing”          

4.) Trust your own advice

In the pursuit of all the answers to a fail safe career,  we often neglect our own advice. We look at the journeys of others and try to tap into their formula when sometimes we actually need to create a route for ourselves. You do not have to be an expert in an industry to be passionate and thrive in it but you do have to take action. A lot of people carve out an outwardly successful career based on the advice of others but neglect the internal cry to go on a path less travelled. Beware of people who have the perfect career… there is no such thing, it is great to learn from people who have made it to where you want to be but the best type of advice is from people who are going to be honest about their journey; especially the failures and less glamorous parts.  Enjoy your own journey and always stay focused on your end goal; naturally along the way you will learn who to take advice from, when to action it and what to completely shut out ! 

by Crystal Rowe – C2B Account  Manager

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