Most websites have some sort of contact form. They are a good way of letting visitors get in touch, without leaving yourself open to the torrent of spam that comes with publishing an email address. But what’s the best way of creating a form? There are plenty of PHP scripts available that will do the job for you.

  1. Perfect Contact Us Form – This simple to use and completely customisable form can be integrated with both HTML and PHP pages. It includes a Captcha system based on jQuery to control spam. This form script that will suit both experienced users and novices.

2. PHP Form Builder – If you want a quick and easy way of building forms, this provides it. More than 50 pre-made templates get you up and running quickly, plus it accepts HTML 5 form elements. It can be used for contact forms, signups, logins, etc.

3. Quform – Quform is a versatile option that can be adapted to many uses. Though there are only a few ready-made themes, it can be easily integrated into your own custom designs. Its responsive design resizes based upon the device and it supports file uploads.

4. SLEEK Contact Form – A relatively new kid on the block, launched in 2017, SLEEK has a simple, clean design that’s fully responsive to devices. It uses the Google reCaptcha system and can capture the location and IP address of senders.

5. Contact Form Generator – With a user-friendly drag and drop interface, this lets you create forms easily with no coding needed. It can be integrated with MailChimp and other email subscription systems.

6. Ultimate PHP, HTML5 & AJAX Contact Form – Replacing the earlier AJAX contact form, this allows for the placing and management of a contact form on any web page. It supports file attachments, Google reCaptcha, field validation and more.

7. KONTAKTO – Another newcomer, KONTAKTO builds forms with an integrated map featuring a location pin so users can see your business location. Other features include field validation and preventing repeat submissions.

8. ContactPlus+ – A simple clean option, Contact+ can be customised to create any length of form you want. It includes Captcha verification and messages to confirm successful submission.

9. AJAX Contact Pro – With eight format options and four email templates, this is a flexible option. It’s most notable feature is that it allows for real-time language translation.

10. Hello Form Builder – A simple drag and drop form builder, but with plenty of features including file uploads, Captcha and background images.

11. Responsive Contact Form – Probably the simplest option, this is very easy to configure and incorporate into an HTML or PHP web page.

12. ContactForm with Custom Auto Responder – Lots of features here including drop-down lists to select subjects and send messages to different addresses, auto responder, custom Captcha and more.

Written by Matthew Kimani – PHP Web Development Talent Sourcing

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