It’s not easy building an engaging and functional website meeting your client’s expectations. However it can be made easier using these many PHP development tools and frameworks.

PHP developers, and those thinking of hiring one, should be aware of these tools and frameworks:


  1. PHP Debugbar- This is the perfect open source debugging tool to use for PHP website development. It not only integrates well with all projects but also perfectly handles AJAX requests. No other tool can match its easy interface and JavaScript coded client sidebar.
  1. Plates PHP- This easy tool can be used with native PHP templates for website development. Its integrated escaping helpers and temple layouts enable the reuse of code.
  1. PHP Designer- This free website editor is perfect for improving your developer coding skills. It works with all PHP frameworks and highlights codes once you start typing. Not only does it automatically detect syntax errors, but it also lets you instantly jump to declarations.
  1. Sublime Text- This is the best IDE (integrated development environment) text editor with great features and design that helps you find everything with a few keystrokes. It also lets you customize menus, snippets and easily edit files.
  1. Nusphere PhpED- This is one of the best PHP IDE to use for easily building websites which you can’t miss. It boasts of various interesting debugging, testing, coding and file management related features.


  1. Laravel- PHP development experts needn’t think twice about using Laravel that boasts of features like readable syntax, RESTFUL routing and integrated unit testing. It has a large web community to turn to for assistance if you face any problems during the developmental process.
  1. Phalcon2.0-It’s innovative architecture which you can easily understand and use and use it’s API to easily reach high performance levels. Its continuous development process is slowly making this framework the developer community’s digital favourite. No matter if it’s a fashion website or online store you are designing, Phalcon 2.0 is invaluable and useful to you.
  1. Yii- Yii is a PHP composed contemporary framework perfect for PHP developers looking for a cheap and easy-to-use framework. It’s an open source framework with extraordinary MVC architecture and a layered caching scheme which helps developers quickly develop websites. CSRF, XSS and cookie tampering ensures its security.
  1. Symfony- Reusable PHP components, easy configuration, flexibility and other features make Symfony the undisputed king for websites and web applications. It is not only free, but can also be reliably used for long projects as it follows the best-known web practices without any repetition of PHP development tasks.
  1. CakePHP- This is the perfect framework for beginner PHP developers as it’s simple to use, boasts of a variety of necessary features and has many attractive web applications to use. It can also be easily extended using components, plugins, helpers and other similar elements.

If you plan to hire a developer for your PHP project, make sure you hire one based on the PHP development tools they use. It helps you choose the best developer who will be able to quickly set up your website and Web application.

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Written By Mathew K – Co-Founder & Talent Acquisition – PHP Web Developers – |  Digital & Tech companies – https://www.linkedin.com/in/mathew-kimani-52a3aa25/