10 Months in Recruitment…3 Things I Have Learnt!

Not To Fear

As a new recruiter, fear is what held me back the most. I remember making my first few calls trying to speak as quickly as possible to explain the role in one breath and then encouraging every form of future communication to be done via email. I quickly learnt fear doesn’t build relationships and recruitment is only ever about building and nurturing relationships. The way I overcame my fears  was by literally  listing them and tackling them one by one.

Please see new recruiter rears below….

  • Fear of Sounding Inexperienced
  • Fear of making blundering mistakes
  • Fear of technical roles
  • Fear of  mispronunciation someones name…….Just to mention a few 

“Fear doesn’t build relationships and recruitment is only ever about building and nurturing relationships.”

From identifying these fears It was obvious what I needed to do to overcome them. Recruitment like many other professions, is about building good habits without becoming robotic. By identifying simple and effective habits I was able to overcome my fears in order to develop genuine rapport and most importantly build my confidence as a recruiter.

Ears Are  A Recruiters Best Friend

Two ears to one mouth is a very important ratio within recruitment. There is real beauty in listening to clients and candidates because it helped me to understand the core motivations behind a job search and ultimately help to create a better match. For example when a candidate would express their dislike for working in a small companies and I was recruiting for a start-up I was able to save precious time. The great thing is the more  I learnt to take the time to understand  a candidates situation in that present moment when the right role came up time had already been saved in advanced. #EARPOWER

Recruitment is “Fantastic”

I have left approximately 856 voice mail messages, sent well over 3000 emails and said the word “fantastic” over 60,000 times. I have learnt about people’s dogs, favourite holiday destinations, terrible interview experiences and even the secret to the perfect spaghetti bolognese (its tomato ketchup…apparently) I have had some thoroughly first class banter with both candidates and clients and I know that recruiters are not the nations favourite people, most recruiters however are passionate, filled to the brim with coffee and dedicated to changing lives one job at a time.


Written By Crystal Rowe C2B Account Manager

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